Steve's first novel, THE FIXER, was published by Mainstream Publishing on 3rd April 2010.

THE FIXER book cover


A fast-paced boxing thriller, THE FIXER takes the reader into the murky secret world of deals, fights and fighters - a world beyond the glitz, glamour and glory, where men like THE FIXER's lead character, Ray Lester, operate. THE FIXER grants exclusive access to a realm where the fixer is king.

Ray Lester is the fixer. He puts boxers together and makes fights happen. He builds a bridge, walks across it and guides boxers to the negotiating table. Ray Lester is good at his job.


"Reads like a Raymond Chandler for the twenty-first century. A hard-boiled, two-fisted, wise-cracking novel about the boxing world’s black underbelly. As a thriller writer, Steve Bunce wipes the floor with Stieg Larsson."

Tony Parsons, Daily Mirror

One morning, a girl arrives at Ray's door and asks him to help her find her father, another man from the fight game. Ray agrees, and whilst out in Las Vegas for a Ricky Hatton fight he asks a few questions, but soon the body count begins to rise dramatically in Atlantic City. The girl's father has vanished and there are dangerous people looking for him. This becomes a problem for Ray as they start to hunt him down too, and he is easier to find than the missing man.

"What Bunce has done brilliantly in The Fixer is to borrow heavily from his decades in and around boxing as participant, commentator and salesman to tell a fictional tale that is disturbingly close to the real thing."

Kevin Mitchell, The Observer


Ray flees to London and ends up in Blackpool looking for the man, the man's daughter and about six million dollars, while at the same time trying to avoid being found by the wrong people.


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